Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crispy Baked Chicken Round 1

( Chicken dressed in a mashed potato flake suit.  What a world! )

I've been looking for a good crispy baked chicken recipe for a while.  Unfortunately, my search will have to continue.  This isn't a bad recipe at all...and it's really easy to make. It just needs more flavoring than the poultry seasoning it calls for.  But nonetheless this isn't a bad recipe and it is really easy…so here goes.

All you need is some chicken, 2 cups of instant potatoes, a stick of butter, 2 tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese and 3 tablespoons of poultry seasoning.

I used fresh chicken…if you can't tell from my last couple of posts…it was on sale at the local grocery.  It's also just better fresh!  

De-bone your breasts and then slice them into tenders.

The great thing about using fresh chicken is that you can take all the bones and skin...throw em in a pot with some water and salt...and baby, you got yourself a broth goin.  Expect a taco soup recipe shortly that uses this sweet sweet broth.  

Mix a couple of cups of the instant potato flakes with a couple of tablespoons of the grated parmesan, and three tablespoons of the poultry seasoning.  

You'll also need a tablespoon of salt and a teaspoon of pepper.  Feel free to jazz this up with anything else you like…I was a little disappointed in the lack of flavor.  I guess the potatoes just bland it out...

Melt the butter in a microwave safe dish and give the tenders a bath…

( Wise man wary of a yellow bath )

And then roll the chicken in the flake mixture.  Grease a baking sheet with some PAM and place the tenders on the pan.

Then into a pre-heated over at 375 degrees.  Let them get brownish on the bottom and then flip.  When they are crispy on both sides take em out.  Probably about 25-30 minutes total cooking time.

These guys would probably benefit from some sort of honey mustard or curried ketchup dipping sauce.  Just google chicken dipping sauce and see what strikes your fancy.  Most of the time it's just a bottled condiment with some added spice…simple stuff.  You can do it!!!

( I feel crispy...oh so crispy )

I cooked some of the instant potatoes and a box of wild rice to go with.  Slap that crap on a fancy paper plate with your favorite trailer park soda and bon appetite!

Thanks to this scary guy ( Big Z aka Aaron Zapata ) for taking the pictures!


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