Monday, March 26, 2012

Assemble A Server Like A Champ!

Want to be a computer rockstar and put together a server like a champ?  Then you should probably order that crap from a company like Promax which more or less puts it together for you before they ship it.

Nevertheless.  This is the tale of two brave men who vowed to slide drives into towers, cable computers into switchers and plug cords into walls. 

When I opened up the first box and realized we were actually going to have to start from the beginning, I thought briefly about just giving up.  I mean seriously, I don't work in IT.  But then again…we pissed off all those guys when we refused to use PC's for editing and ordered a room full of MACs…which they don't support.  So we really didn't have much choice.

Rule number 1.  Follow directions.  All 1 page of them.

Be sure and scatter your new toys all over the floor....makes you look busy. It turns out everything was really shiny and fun. I wouldn't last long as a fish.

The boss checked in and didn't look impressed.  Can't say I blamed him.

Plug your drives into the storage tower.  Use brute force if necessary.  Or better yet press the blue button on the side for smooth entry.  

Then set up your big MAC tower which runs the server software.

Then play in the trash for a while.

Turns out it really isn't that hard to set up a server.  DTV crew 1, stupid server 0.

After all that hard work...relax in your new iHome.

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