Friday, March 2, 2012

Broccoli Beef

So this is part two of the Chinese feast blog.  Broccoli Beef.  For flavoring I generally use the Sun Bird powder mix in the Asian section of my local grocery. Fair warning; these packets generously provide you with about 1,000 percent of your daily sodium needs... and typically ask you to add soy sauce to them.  But they were out on this particular occasion so I went with a Sauce pouch with the Panda seal of approval.  Also filled to the brim with sodium.  Yum.  

This may be the simplest recipe I've posted yet.  You just slice up a pound of sirloin steak, and chop up some onion petals and broccoli.  You can also add minced garlic or ginger if you'd like…a tablespoon of either.  Or both.  Go nuts. 

( It probably looks like this in the kitchen of Panda Express, right? )

Get two cups of water boiling with a little butter in a pot.  Add a cup of jasmine rice and then cut the heat to low.  Cover the pot but stir the rice occasionally.  

In a wok or large frying pan, heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil on high heat and start frying the steak.  After a couple of minutes, pour in the broccoli and the onion. Stir fry until all of the "juice" has evaporated…probably another 8 minutes.    

( No more water and blood...  Yay! )

Once the rice has absorbed all the water, remove it from the heat. 

( Aladdin had it right.  Go with Jasmine.  Rice )

If you are using a powdered mix then follow the directions and make your sauce.  Typically all you have to add is soy sauce water and oil.  Otherwise pour your pouch sauce into the beef and veggies.  It thickens instantly so kill the heat and stir it around real good like.  

Done. Eat till you can't eat anymore, then wait thirty minutes, and eat some more.  We all know that Chinese doesn't stay with us long.  

But what to do with all this leftover Chicken Lo Mein from the post below and now Broccoli Beef too?  

My next post will show you how to put together TV dinners made of your own home cookin.  They reheat nicely in 5-8 minutes of Microwave bathing.  

And enjoy night two of your Chinese feast.   

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