Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hotel Lubbock Nights

( Sometimes a man's shadow is his only friend.  That and a boat )

27 years of not visiting Lubbock.  My step brother Hardy has been out there since 04 so I figured it was about time I checked out the old desert Oasis.  In addition to the blog I also edited a short video...enjoy:

Trip to Lubbock Video

On the flight I sat next to a Lubbock city council woman who gave me the short list of all the swanky things to do in Lubbock. Knowing Hardy I thanked her and filed those plans under never gonna happen.

I didn't take pictures on Friday night but we went to a dive bar named Bashes close to the Tech campus with $4.50 pitchers.  Had a couple and then went to Abuelos for dinner. Hardy's b-day was coming up so we celebrated by ordering the biggest plates on the menu.  

( They've even got a tree! )

Then we headed to Chances R where we spent another couple of hours pounding beers and playing pool.  Not much unlike Denton. 

( They say Lubbock is flat.  They are right )

The next morning we got up and drove to Abernathy where Hardy works on a cotton farm.  The grand tour included tractors, his homemade smoker, and a Toyota he paid 50 bucks for. I'm not sure who got the better deal there.

We jumped on a tractor and took a spin around the pivot.  Tractors these days (expensive ones) are equipped with GPS accurate to within an inch.  The damn things drive themselves.  Hardy explained that he usually is just texting and calling radio stations to win concert tickets. Tough life that guy has. 

( Yes I rode in the baby seat.  And at my feet was a cooler full of Keystone light )

( Hands free technology )

We drove back to Lubbock and stopped by Orlando's for lunch. Everything on the menu looked appetizing... it was traditional and also southwest-fused Italian which I haven't seen before.  I made some notes and might try to cook that grub later.

A plate of Cannelloni later and we're In the parking lot.  

( Like father like son )

You just can't make this stuff up.  

Then we drove around the Tech campus.  It was pretty impressive.  The buildings are nice and the campus is spread out over a large area.  

( Where the Red Raiders won 1 conference basketball game this season! )

We made a quick pit stop at the local grocery to pick up some Shiner Dortmunder and then headed over to a buddy named Reagan's place. 

( Backyard of champions )

Little did I know, I was in for the sausage fest of my life.  

Hardy and Reagan had a little project to work on, replacing the U-joints in a chevy pickup.  

After that, it was beer, Carlo Rossi sangria, deep fried pigs in a blanket and sausage.

To interrupt this travel blog with a little food bloggin' …these deep fried pigs in a blanket were stupid good.  You prepare them basically the same way as the regular ones that you bake.  

Grab some crescent rolls, cut the triangles in a half, stuff a weenie in there, and then wrap the dough so that encloses the weenie.  

Then to the deep fryer.  This is like the step brother of the mini corn dog and they went fast.

Ok, so back to the rest of the night.  We cooked and ate a lot of sausage.  There was so much sausage, that insert any gay joke here.  Swish!  

We had a little happy birfday song for Hardy, and then topped everything off with some banana pudding.  

And then it was home to sleep.  There wasn't much time for anything on flight left at 12 30.  But on the whole, I give Lubbock two thumbs up.  I'll try to make it back out sometime before the next 27 years goes by.  

( Bros 4 life )