Friday, March 23, 2012

Frankies 2 : The Crew Groweth

There are many places in Denton to watch a game.  But as a testament to my previous post about Frankies... it really is good enough to run it back. Which is exactly what we did for the Sweet 16 games on Thursday.

( Bottom of the 3rd... Michigan's up 5 to 3 with a man on second... )

Tourney basketball plus more trivia.  Not to let the secret out and spoil our underwhelming trivia good times...but we were 1 of 4 teams to compete.  The top 3 teams win house cash.  If you want to play some trivia where you don't get obliterated...this is for you.

Needless to say, we were once again rollin in Frankie's fliff.  Little dog.

( Photography 101: A giant steak improves the quality of any picture )

And more pool fun.

And to interrupt this post with a personal attack; Bous is a straight poser... with his Ranger's hat.  He swears it's his third Ranger's hat.  But thats what fans of Chicago teams do.

Lie and then jump on your team's bandwagon. Well welcome to the pool Christopher Michael.  The water is fine.

$3 Dollar beers and margs on Thursdays, plus trivia, plus good food! Tell your friends.

DISCLAIMER: I do not hold any short or long-term positions in Frankies stock at this time.

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