Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Snuck into the Dallas Beer Fest

So there was a beer fest over the weekend at Fair Park. This is the story of two dudes who more or less snuck in.

Barrett and I rode down with someone who was working the event.  The plan was to pound brews all day and then take a combination of busses and trains back up to Denton.  Presumably at least moderately intoxicated.  Yup.  But we will get to that later.

Barrett didn't buy a ticket and I forgot to bring mine. Admission was 40 bones for this bad boy.  That's blood money.  Not to mention there was a line of over 100 people two hours before the doors even opened.

( Where are all the chicks bro? )

So Barrett did what any rational person would do.  He walked around the building until he found an open door and went inside.  Then he called me.  And then I did what any rational person would do and followed his lead.

( The pole provided Barrett with adequate cover for his Surprise Admission maneuver )

We were inside and were trying to cut unnoticed into the line after the paper tickets were taken.  Well it turns out that the ticket takers were handing out little blue tickets which in turn would get you a cup and bracelet.

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, one of Barrett's co workers from Ben E Keith hooked him up with the magic blue ticket.  He got a wristband and cup.  He took off the wristband and gave it to me.  I walked over and told them I broke my cup.  They looked at me like an elementary school teacher looks at her lying ass kids.  But they still gave me a cup. BOOM!

I don't know if that's necessarily a how to guide...but give it a shot at your next event.  The worse that could happen is that you get kicked out and maybe arrested.

( Deep Ellum IPA was stellar )

( Oskar fave.  I've actually been to their brewery in Colorado.  Thank you P Bo! )

( You couldn't get a chimaychanga from this booth...and they didn't think it was funny that I asked )

So then we drank.

And we drank.

And drank some more.

( Have a drank on Swank )

And ran into buddies.

( Happy couple )

And drank some more.

There were around 50 booths that had anywhere from 2-10 varieties to sample.  $2 got you twelve 2 ounce pours.

And then it was time to go.  And no.  We didn't take public transportation back home. Thanks to Big Z for coming and picking me up.  Because when you are looking at the sun set over South Dallas and you are drunk and in need of a ride home...a little bit of panic sets in.  Truth.

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