Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crawfish Boilin

The first crawfish boil of the year has come and gone.  It was first a celebration of life…or birth anyway, as it was Ches and Will's birthday party. Secondly it was a celebration of food and gorging oneself.

( Some crawfish reach for the sky and dream )

They got the crawfish into a kiddie pool and started boiling the potatoes, corn and garlic.  Then slowly and sadistically the crawfish went into the pot.  

I think they cooked 30 to 40 pounds of those mudbugs...there was hot crawfish available all night long.  They also cooked some barbecued chicken, ribs, and homemade mac and cheese.

The penis cake was supposed to give Will an icing money shot…but I think it whiffed.  He was a good sport anyway and grabbed a big piece of penis and choked it down.  

( Birfday Boys )

And that was pretty much it. I hope another boil is in the near future.  That's good eating.  

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