Monday, April 9, 2012

Fried Potatoes, Onions and Sausage

This is some comfort food from Mom's kitchen.  It's very easy…just takes a little while to peel and chop everything up.  

Peel several medium to large potatoes.  Slice them horizontally into quarter inch thick chips.  Peel a couple of large onions and quarter them into petals.  Slice a link of Eckridge sausage (or whatever brand you prefer) into quarter inch thick chips.  

Heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a large pan over medium heat and add the potatoes and onion…then cover.  It's not a lot of oil, but there will be plenty of fat/grease once you add the sausage later.  Let it cook for about 5 minutes.  Then do a backflip in your kitchen.  Then do another one.  When you've got enough practice in do it to the potatoes and onions.  

I usually make a pan of cornbread to go with…follow the directions on a package of mix and if you are feeling adventurous then add some diced jalepeno and a pinch or two of sugar.  To make cornbread like mama used to, you need a cast iron skillet.  Put a teaspoon or so of veg oil in the pan and heat it in the oven for a few minutes before adding the mix. You want the mix to sizzle as it enters the cast-iron pan.  That's how it's going to come out easy and pretty....just like your mom. 

Let the potatoes and onions cook for another five minutes.  Then add the sausage.  Keep it covered over medium heat for another 5-10 minutes and continue occasionally flipping.  Be gentle when flipping or it will all fall apart and you'll be left crying all alone in your kitchen. 

Uncover and turn the heat up to high for the last few minutes of cooking.  You want the whole dish to start browning.  Start taking the brown parts up onto paper towels. This is a must…the towels are going to absorb a lot of excess grease/oil that you don't want in your belly.  Not good times. 

Slam some canned beans in the microwave and then dump it all on a plate.  Now that's putting some south in your mouth.  Cover in ketchup, eat till your guts are stuffed, lay on the bed and self loathe for thirty minutes.  Mission is complete.  

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