Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nighttime Motorcyle Raid

This is the story of two dudes on a quest to pick up a motorcycle...and the adventures along the way that made us Men.

I needed a bud with a truck.  What better bud then Chris, with his shining white steed of an F150.

Unfortunately the truck has a toolbox. That mother had to go if we were going to fit a giant hog in the back.  Chris grabbed some tools, fell to his knees and then his back...and Gollum'd his way underneath the bed of the truck.  Between the two of us acting like Men who know Man $#it...we got that toolbox off.    

Next, we took a drive.  A long drive.  

Well actually we stopped pretty quickly at the Taco Delight on the other side of McKinney.  I will never pass up an opportunity for some Taco D nachos and sweet tea.  Thats definitely the Paris, Texas in me.  

But then it was off to a little placed called Mt. Pleasant, Texas.  A chicken-coupe town ruled by the Iron Fist of one Bo Pilgrim.  We snuck under the radar by cover of night so as to avoid a showdown with the Chicken Czar.  

And just like that...there we were. Face to face with the Honda Rebel.  I might have exaggerated its size and badassitude slightly...but hey, its my first hog.    

Now we just needed to get the bike in the back of the truck and drive away.  

And we drove it home just like that.  The motorcycle knew to stay upright.  Its from Japan.  They're just smarter than us.   

Nah not really, it was time for some more manliness.  Ratchets and whatnot.  

Once it was secure...then we drove back home. Incident free.  I guess after reviewing the story and the pictures, it wasn't as exciting of a tale as I remember it being. Just pretend we stole the bike from Bo Pilgrim's prized collection of hogs and barely escaped with our lives.  And then don't ever get close to either one of us...we are hunted men.  Bo knows no mercy.   

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