Monday, February 6, 2012

Brian's Bread-less Bruchetta

Here's an impressive appetizer that is pretty healthy and you won't miss the carbs at all.  All you need is a tomato, olives, Feta Cheese, fresh basil leaves, and salt and pepper.  Courtesy of Sir Brian Griffin.

Grab yourself a vine tomato, peel off the sticker and give it a nice shower underneath the waterfall located in your kitchen sink.

Use your impressive knife fighting skills to slice it into quarter inch wheels.  

Sprinkle a little salt over them…if you are super classy like Brian you can use a Sea Salt grinder.

Then take a little crumbled Feta cheese and spread it over your tomato wheels.

Roll up a few leaves of fresh basil into a little doobie, then chop in finely on a cutting board.  

Sprinkle those basil strings over the Feta.

Finally, chopped up some olives from your jar of olives…It will be easier if you use pitted olives…but it might taste more rewarding if you pit the olives yourself.  Or it might just take 30 seconds longer.

Finally, sprinkle a little pepper on top and Voila.  

Brian's Breadless Bruchetta.  Easy, tasty, and super classy looking.  


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