Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arty Farty Museum Party

So I recently took a trip to Chicago and photographed a bunch of "art" at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Since I think I'm so funny, I decided to add comments and share with the world.  You're welcome.  

Seriously?  That Kimono is sooooo Tokugawa period...

First Japanese boy band.

Tsingtao beer bottle openers.  

Yes, I know it's November, not Movember.  You guys just aren't getting this...  

...I should've gone to the Indian Casino...

Like peanut butter and jelly. Like milk and cereal.  Like vaginas and cow skulls.  

The crowd patiently waits for the Hurricane Harbor staff to turn the wave pool back on.  

The sign says Jesus and John the Baptist...but I'd like to hear the double rainbow guy's take.

I don't think the new bartender knows how to make a cherry vodka sour...

I just know I went over my data usage this month.  By a lot.  

Cap your own here folks.  

The End.


  1. I fucking lost it at the data cap one.

  2. LOL- Justin.

    Dave, you are disrespecting the art community. (Sarcasm.)