Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oven Roasted Pork Loin

This recipe is super simple and doesn't take much time to prep.  There's two great things about these pork loins.  They go on sale every other week for $1.99 a pound...and even if you aren't a fan of these particular ingredients in this recipe, there are so many simple 4-8 ingredient combos you can use... it will get you in the kitchen trying some things out and it's near impossible to F up.  Here we go.

All you need is your loin, honey, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard and paprika.  Sweet and pork go together like cocaine and waffles.  And the vinegar and mustard bring together the sweet with the tangy.  Boom.

4 Tbls   Honey
2 Tbls   Apple cider Vinegar
4 Tbls   Dijon Mustard
3 Tbls   Brown Sugar
1/2 Tsp Paprika

Get a small container to mix your ingredients.

In goes the honey, vinegar, mustard, brown sugar and paprika.  I like to use a little more paprika than the recipe calls for. And if you are cooking a big girl...4-5 pounds you can double the recipe above.  

Now mix it all together.  Get your loin in a baking pan...fatty side up.  

And baste on a layer of the sauce.  Leave plenty in the bowl because you are going to take it out and re-baste a couple of times while cooking.  

Into the oven at 350.  Follow the directions on the packaging for how long...generally pork is about 30 minutes per pound.  Mine was around 4 lbs so I left it in for about 2 hours.

Re-baste with the sauce a couple of times during cooking.  

 Take her out when the juices are running clear and let her sit for 5-10 minutes. Then slice, plate, and demolish it.  


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