Monday, May 21, 2012

Taste of Addison

First came Oktoberfest, then came Taste of Addison. After going to both this year I can safely say that Addison knows how to Fest Up.  We have a ton of festivals in Denton every year but it's nice to get out with the Strange every now and then.  Shake it up.  Here we go.

Check the websites for these bad boys before you go.  For Taste, if you got there before 5 p.m. it was only five bucks to get in.  15 after.  So it made for a hellacious line at 4:50.  Definitely give yourself time to get there and park....and parking was free b t dubs.  

( If Bous is smiling like this... )

( You can bet your sweet bottom it's gonna be followed by a middle finger )

First up was Dodies.  I've never eaten at the restaurant but I've had several people recommend it.  

( Crab cake city and dos xx. And mardi gras beads. I didn't eat those ) 

( She knew )

Then we stopped at Pizza by Marco so Bous could get himself a Za.  

( One man brew crew )

( You made the blog bros. Congrats )

There were two big music stages.  Hadn't heard of any of the bands but people seems to be enjoying it alright.  

Then on to more food.  Some Panang Curry from Thai Orchid.  Really good stuff.  I wish I would have tried their spring rolls.  

Look!  Random people!  In public!

And just when we were about to leave...We met the man himself.  Sir Richard Chamberlain.  Of Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House.

( This is not Richard.  Well his name might have been Richard )

( This is Richard )

( Sausage in a circle...Brilliant! )

Rich generously let us sample his meats for free.  And then he took us behind the scenes to see the operation.  And let us eat pork chops.  Good guy...I'll be trying out his restaurant soon.  

Good food, good day drinkin, and then back to Denton with a whole night left to spare.  

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